Since we have the labels of the nodes in the drawings in a processable form, we can start to get an overview on multiple works. Quite simple is an index of what actor – person or institution – appears in which works. This can be done by a very simple script. As a result, we learn about the whole “cast” which acts in Lombardi stories.

One can see that Lombardi was not consistent in his naming, for example “Wiliam Colby” in Untitled (all parties . BCCI, Nugan Hand, et al.) 1977 and “William Colby dir CIA 1972-5” in Bruce Campbell, Esq., Cayman Island c.1966-78 (3rd version). The script would have to be extended accordingly to map such “synonyms” on each other.

Here is the “cast” of the networks that we have so far. It consists of over 1900 entries.

Of the 1996 actors,

  • 1485 actors occur in 1 network (74.40%)
  • 386 actors occur in 2 networks (19.34%)
  • 69 actors occur in 3 networks (3.46%)
  • 34 actors occur in 4 networks (1.70%)
  • 16 actors occur in 5 networks (0.80%)
  • 2 actors occur in 6 networks (0.10%)
  • 4 actors occur in 7 networks (0.20%)

Several actors are mentioned under different names in the drawings:




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